If someone were to design the ultimate engine mount system for mounting an engine to a square tube,

the criteria list might look something like this:

Strong: 6061 T6

Lightweight: 3.2#

Versatile: Can Do Straight Mount, 2 deg. Left or 2 deg Right; 2 deg Up or 2 deg down

Adaptable: 277, 377, 447, 503, 532, 582 Model 90 or 582 Model 99 and 618

Easy to install: Pre-Drilled mounting holes on 1" centers.

Allow access to engine bolts

Cost effective

This engine mount, just might match that criteria. Part nomenclature:  2" Square Boom Tube Mounts (Left and Right)

Rotax 2 deg Angle Engine Mount Bars (Front and Rear) Flip both over for opposite angle.

Only $195.

00BARRY MOUNT 22001-12 YLW/WHT MED Available at Aircraft Spruce

Electric Primer Kit!

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Brian G Harrington

The all new electric engine primer kit comes with everything you need (except wire). Makes starting your cold engine a simple flip of a switch! No more chokes, no more pumping those cheap primers that leak fuel. With this system, it's as simple as turning on your electric fuel pump and flipping a switch. The longer the switch is on, the more fuel is injected right into your carbs. Its a snap!

Detailed, step by step instructions included. Only $259.00!

($209.00 without electric fuel pump)

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Electric primer system

A-Fab Universal Rotax 2 Stroke Engine Mount

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