As your Mobile A&P and Light Sport Repairman, I offer very competitive pricing on all aircraft services. Bring your
aircraft to me and see beautiful Northern Michigan. I am located in Boyne City. Can't get away? I can come to you!  Yes, I can come to you and still provide very competitive pricing by offering discount programs and travel options that can save you money! Each of these can be a great opportunity for those of us who value our time and live very busy lifestyles.
Just give me a call, and let me take care of the rest.

Highest Quality Service, Always A Fair Price


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Lets talk about your requirements and expectations. I am certain it wont take long to come up with the perfect plan to facilitate all your mechanical and inspection needs. Dont wait! Call or email me today!

Highest Quality Service, Always A Fair Price

Brian G Harrington

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Brian Harrington