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Brian G Harrington

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independent Rotax Repair Centre


Safety Team Member


       I am an A&P Mechanic as well as a Light Sport Repairman with Maintenance Ratings, for fixed wing, powered

       parachute and weight shift aircraft. I am heavy maintenance certified for all Rotax engines with extensive

       training in Rotax 912, 914 and 2 stroke engines. I knew the Light Sport maintenance training was necessary to

       better serve this growing sport.  I am also a Light Sport Pilot and the owner of an independent Rotax Repair

      Centre. Yes, thats the way Rotax insists we spell center.  



          I have over 18 years experience building, servicing and flying different aircraft and the engines that

              keep them flying. Be careful trusting your life with any less professional experience in this industry.

    Located in Boyne City, Michigan, I travel each week to many locations in Michigan, servicing and

    inspecting fixed wing, weight shift and powered parachute aircraft as well as servicing 2 and 4 stroke

    Rotax engines. I can honestly say, I love my job! Quality, customer satisfaction and attention to detail

    are my number one goals. I still believe that the customer always comes first. If you want years of

    experience working on your experimental, light sport or ultralight aircraft, give me a call. I also offer

    professional, top quality 2 & 4 stroke engines, carb & gearbox overhauls in my Rotax Engine Shop.