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Powered parachute

Brian G Harrington

Fixed wing

      We are all looking for an honest, conscientious mechanic who puts your needs first.   Finding one can be a challenging

       and costly process.  Unfortunately, its usually not the first one who can fit you in that will work best for you. You deserve

       the years of experience that this sport demands!   My mission here at Light Sport Inspection & Repair is to provide timely,

       conscientious service, meticulously detailed inspections and complete written results and findings. Get the highest quality

       maintenance, as if I were working on my very own aircraft.  

It's this simple.

Your life depends on the relationship between you and your mechanic.  It is so much more than just being legal.  It is insuring complete peace of mind and total confidence that your aircraft is safe and reliable.  Whether your looking for your first Mechanic or you already have someone doing your inspections and service work but they just aren't trained enough to handle your type of aircraft or power plant, or your just not satisfied or confident with the professionalism, performance or pricing, you owe it to yourself to

re- evaluate the importance of your safety!